Doing Less Is Hard

I am often tired in the morning and getting out of bed is not easy. I do not have a sleep problem. In fact I actually fall asleep quite easily and I also sleep well. So, I know that probably my only chance at being less tired in the morning is by actually extending my sleep hours. Since my kids have to go to school and I indeed may have to show up at work on occasion, the only real way of extending the sleep hours is by going actually … (gasp) … going to bed earlier.

That will leave me with fewer hours to get things done or to enjoy TV or to read or to just hang out with myself or to read my phone or to … or .. or …


I am not looking forward to reducing my awake time, because I really enjoy my evening hours.  I am worried I will lose out. I get less done. That I will not be by myself enough and drain my self of valuable “me time generated energy”.

Yet, getting more sleep is somewhat important. I am often tired. Sometimes so tired that the drive home from work is … well… let’s call it less than ideal. Falling asleep while driving is definitely not a good thing.  Not only bad for me. But bad for everyone on the road with me. Not that I ever did just that… fall asleep while driving…, but I got extremely close.

So, I started an online course to help me do better, be less stressed out, be more focused, and get more things done while doing less. The first suggestion in the intro is, you may guess it, to increase your sleep by 30min. Sigh. Here we go. First assignment and I am already thinking about spending my money on a different online course. Maybe art? Maybe physics? Something with actual homework no matter how hard that I can do late at night… ?? Wouldn’t this be more impressive, anyways, earning a degree in math while being a full time employee and mother? Would it sound better if I actually got another engineering degree?

Doing less is hard for me. Adding things onto my busy schedule always seems to work better.

So, here comes the true test. Will this online course by Arianna Huffington actually get me out of my comfort zone? Will I actually feel better by doing less?

The first assignment to do is to read her book “Thrive”. Good. I can do this. I can read. I can do this late at night or while driving (I got the audio version). Let’s get started.

I will keep you posted.


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