Death By A Thousand Cuts

Things that have been said directly to me at work:

Just smile more. You need to say Hi to the other managers more. Something is off with your personality. You should not sound so confident when talking about a plan. Let your work speak for you, no need to tell others about your accomplishments. You need to listen more. You have long legs for your body. You have a really great ass. Would you please send out the meeting notes? The cookie jar is empty, could you refill it? Are you here on an internship? Could I speak to the engineer? Big boobs won’t solve everything. You are difficult to work with. Well, my dick is on the larger side. You are a small person, you do not need more space. I have never seen a woman drink beer. When are you planning to have kids? This is not about showing cleavage.Your smile is so nice. It is not like you need the promotion with your husband’s salary. You are not a single Mom, why do you need more money? You work too late, who is taking care of the kids? You are high strung. This guy always leaves his desk after you have been here to jerk off. You cannot go abroad, because women are not respected there. You are too aggressive. You are too results driven. My wife and I decided it is best for kids if the mother stays home. You have to learn to take feedback and listen more. I was actually expecting a man. You are the token woman. One day you will get kids and leave. You cannot work in that department, they do not want woman there. You were made the team lead, because you write the best meeting notes. I do not want to be your friend if there are no benefits. I am sorry for the naked women pictures, I will remove them by tomorrow. You look great in Jeans. You need to talk less.Be patient.


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