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I Am Uncomfortable — Why Is This Good?

Sometimes you get put into a situation that is uncomfortable. Or you challenged yourself into a position that is a little less of what you hoped it could be. In other words you find yourself stuck and do not know what to do next or how to approach the next step.


We all tend to avoid being uncomfortable. We like to feel in control and without anything scratching. The best part of the day seems to be sometimes to just recline and relax and let the world be (after of course you have ensure that everything is clean, in order, and take care of).

Over the last years I have learned to embrace discomfort as a learning opportunity.

  • I joined new groups to meet new people. And always hate the first moment you walk through the door not knowing anyone or what to do, say, or even questioning where to stand or sit.
  • At work seeking out feedback to learn more about how to add more value or even simpler how to just improve the quality of my work. I never like asking people “how did I do”, because everytime I am expecting them to roll their eyes and get annoyed with me. Or I am afraid to hear “well, you are just not good enough”.
  • In my personal life doing something I know makes me feel not so successful and accomplished. For example I try to ski once in a while (emphasis on trying), I recently walked across a draw bridge in the alps (I am afraid of heights), and occasionally I run a challenging trail.

Doing something uncomfortable let’s you be courageous. It makes me feel like I dared something and even if I do not succeed in the classical sense of succeeding I come out of the process a stronger person. Ready to take on the world.

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