Sleeping is Underrated

I get it.

After a long day of work, coming home, making dinner, entertaining the kids and getting them to sleep, all you want to have is another hour or so in front the TV, reading a book, or do whatever else you might want to do.

One of my new year’s objective was to improve my sleeping pattern. And yes, I failed miserably so far. I work in a global company with often late hours and a long drive. Often I am not home before 8pm. And then my evening hours with family start. I have the best husband in the world, considering that he is doing his fair share of having us stay afloat be it cooking, cleaning, or making lunches. However, also he himself is often not home before 7pm. Our evening hours remain a challenge.

This means that frequently we find ourselves in front of the TV after we are done with all chores way past 9 or 10pm. And that is where we stay until we hop into bed, just to be woken up by the alarm 5 to 7h later.

After a few nights staying up past midnight, I can feel the lack of sleep and routine creeping up to my senses, deteriorating my patience, energy, and enthusiasm. This is a dangerous path just spiraling down towards more and more frustration and potentially conflicts with the people around me. A constant self inflicted mood displacement disorder caused by lack of sleep.

I need more sleep!

If not for me than for others. I owe it to the world and everyone’s well being.

So, here it is. I will target a 10:30pm bed time. No matter what.

Maybe not if the house is burning down.

Or if there is a bomb threat.

But otherwise I put myself on a strict bed time prescription. Let’s see how it goes.


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