What Am I Fighting For?

This is a real question that I was asked based on my last blog. And among the many things that I am daily confronted with that I think may need to change, there are a few issues that really inspire me take out my boxing gloves and to fight. Figuratively, I do not like physical fighting… I like to run things off. I identify with the cat whose picture I took at the Oracle of Delphi. I felt he had some wisdom to spread.


So, here are the few topics that I always like to debate and fight for.

Being A Girl

Being alive is tough. Living is tough. But it is a lot more complicated when you are a girl. It is not just the overt objectification, it is the subtle clawing away of your identity that is bothering me significantly. The subtle questioning of your choices and behaviors: do you really want to work, why do you need to put so much effort into this, why are you so bitchy, do you have PMS, why are you so aggressive, you have come so far why do you need more, there is no reason to complain about discrimination, shouldn’t you be happy with what you have…

This belittling of women’s concerns and feelings needs to change. No woman needs to be questioned in her choices or be told that she cannot aspire more. No woman should overcompensate or have to do more just because she is female. A woman’s opinion is as much worth as a man’s opinion. And no woman deserves to be called aggressive or unlikable just because she voiced an opinion.


I do not believe in God. Here, I said it. And I do not care if you do. I also do not care what opinions you build based on your believe system. You may even voice your opinion. I will treat it just as that — your opinion that you have a right to have.

However, what I care about is whether you discriminate others based on your religious believes. Religious organizations are so dangerous as they have the power to blackmail or brainwash their followers into doing things that no human being should ever even think about. Hurting others physically, restricting freedom and choice, and restricting the ability to learn and uncover.

As a person with a scientific mind set, I am in awe about how much there is to learn. How much we do not know, yet. Our ability to grow as a society and a human being. Every time a make a knew mental connection, every time I solve a problem or I learn something new, I am excited. I am excited to see how we from very homogeneous cultures have grown into more colorful communities.

Do not hinder progress based on dogmas and rules that are called infallible.  Any time someone claims something is a fact or a truth alarm bells should ring and you need to activate your thinking process. Turn brain on!

Sport, health…

Against popular opinion I am not a sports or health nut, but I like running and eating healthy. The health decline with heart problems, cancer, and diabetes in my family has me worried to keep a healthy baseline. I read a lot on the subject and also test my body and myself with regards to theories. How do I feel when eating bread? How do I feel when I eat a lot of sugar? How do I feel with meat? How do I feel without meat? Surprisingly, I do not follow in one category. Bread does nothing for me other than bloat my stomach, sugar is awesome in dark chocolate form, but makes me feel not so great in any other form, I love cooked oatmeal, I am good with slow cooked meats, but often prefer vegetarian meals and salads, and get really cranky over time on a vegan / vegetarian diet. My teeth are typically the first to show when my eating has become less optimal: They are smooth and strong when I eat well, they feel rough and achy when I do not include fats and eggs in my diet.  So I live by what my body tells me.

Therefore, nothing worries me more if people stick to false dogmas and rules based on things they overheard someone saying somewhere or read in a magazine.

Just yesterday I met someone whose specialty is Milk Products. He wrote a master thesis on “heavy cream” and is now getting his PhD in “Overall Dairy”. He knew a lot and I was fascinated that the one bottle of heavy cream in my fridge could mean months of research… And this leads me to the following: Guess what, if you claim to have superior knowledge in the subject based on a few articles you read, you  probably fell victim to the Dunning Kruger effect. There is so much to learn and not all theories are uncovered and proven, yet. So stay open minded and do not confuse correlation with causation.

I love running and any other form of sports. Sometimes I feel inclined to just quit my job and become a personal trainer or work out so much that I qualify for the Olympics. And the strange truth is I did not love every mile I ran, sometimes running is exhausting and hard. And the strange truth is … Sports and living healthy is my counterbalance to working and family and intellect. I am like a chair I cannot stand on just two legs or even three. There are days I am thirsty for knowledge and swallow as many books I can find on a specific subject. Other days I need to just physically exhaust myself, and then there are moments when I love the power and influence my job brings.

I learned to listen to my body. And it is telling me that I will likely never become an Olympic gold medal winner, probably not a CEO either, nor is it likely that I will win a Nobel prize. However, I might encounter something else — Balanced living and the potential to avoid some of the health downfalls other family members have encountered.

Testing with one test sample size is still going.

And I still would not mind becoming this gold medal winner, the CEO, or the Nobel prize holder… I have a few more years to go.

Maybe the Delphi cat can be my inspiration and muse.


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