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What Happens When…

What happens when you actually change is a quite simple statement for me: I am pain free. The hamstring or sciatic nerve issue that stopped me from finishing my 6th marathon last fall has finally decided to be a thing of the past.

I did not really notice the exact time when the pain faded away. I do not know how long it took to heal. All I know is that in April and May I was still thinking “Oh my, why am I still dealing with this annoyance… and when will it ever go away?” And then about a week ago I noticed that I had not been in pain for a while. My forward folds are so much better. No pain after running a few or more miles. And the best thing: my shoulder and neck pain is also not a frequent visitor anymore.

what I learned is: things change when you change.

I changed habits.

I went to chiropractor. First twice a week. Then only weekly. And now I have not gone in several weeks.

I started yoga. Once a week. Consistently now for 6 months. Whenever I can, I go more often. I wish I had more time. Or like I sometimes have to admit: I wish I was not so ambitious and dedicated at work and would go to a class instead of working overtime on occasion. It is often you that is the problem not circumstances.

I stopped working from my laptop as much. Not from the couch. And if so, ensuring that my posture is somewhat better. sitting up straight. Moving often. Stretching after sitting too long.

I stretched in front of the TV instead of dual screening with either phone or laptop.

I quit high heels. Cold turkey. With many tears. And worries. Will my style change? Will my appearance change? And yes to all. The problem with living a change is that things change. My style changed. My wardrobe changed. My awareness changed. And my posture changed. First slowly. Then faster. And now I look in the mirror and do not see this same person. I look stronger and stand straighter. So yes, things change. And not just the things you target directly. If you change your habits, your entire life can be affected.

I bought an apple watch. What I learned is that at work I walk between 3 and 5 miles every day. I used to do that on 2 to 3 inch heels. The rest of the time I was sitting at the compute; slouched over. No wonder things got messed up.

I still do not like how much more casual flats make my style. Nevertheless, the trade-off is very clear: living better and healthier is definitely worth a change.

So, what does my life in flat shoes now look like?

Here are a few pictures:

Casual Work Style:


Even More Casual:


Sporty and Lazy Days:


I splurged. I stayed cheap with some of the shoes. I even invested in Tieks and Soft Stars. Both of which I find highly inappropriate for a work day. The Soft Stars are my “go to yoga shoes” — That is actually the only reason I feel they can be worn outside of the house. Tieks I wear for the brand. Both I would probably not buy again as they are not versatile enough for me. And I am really not that much into the “see your toe outline through the leather” type of style. Looks good on some. My feet are too small and stubby to rock that look. The Keens are awesome for vacation and walking around town.The nude Born’s are very comfortable, but look easily beat up and are definitely more on the casual side. They look great with jeans, but you cannot wear them with skirts.

My favorites are by far the Frye’s. Great look. Great feel. And they go with skirts and pants for both a professional and a casual style. And they do not color your feet… Those I will buy again!


Update June 17th: …and so I did.


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