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Dare yourself!

IMG_20150409_111025_rewindSix months ago I decided to change more drastically in order to become more healthful: dedicated my life to movement. started yoga for serious, continued running, quit high heels, am eating in the order of prioritization local over fair traded over organic over everything else, further reduced grain consumption, avoid everything that is furthering mono-agriculture and animal cruelty… and it made me happier and pain-free in my legs and feet (whoever thought high heels are necessary professional attire might as well ask for torture..)… so what is next? Reducing my footprint further? Eco clothing and shoes? Spend money on experiences over things?

I polled this among friends and got a unanimous response to drive for more experience and not invest in things. To me this is very promising, we are living in an era where experiences are most important and apparently many feel the same. This does not come as a surprise, we are typically not living a deprived existence. We are not starving, we have the fundamental luxury basics like phone, TV, room and board, and a reasonable job or education. We are not fearing our future as much as people have to in other less privileged environments. And I fully support: I want to grow through experiences and build memories with kids and husband.

But I would not be myself it this was an easy choice like this. I generally like being proactive and productive. This means for me the decisions is hardly a choice of “or”. To me this is a choice of “and”. How can I design my existence and life so I do all the things above and also leave an impact and make a difference? How can I be a positive influence among peers, friends, neighbors, and colleagues? How can I not only grow through my experiences, but challenge a status quo?

So, I am living my life more consciously with fewer convenience driven short cuts. Making more of an effort to drive towards leaving less of a footprint: no water bottles, coffee in mugs not paper cups, rather spend more on good quality than less, eco friendly clothing and shoes and be more thoughtful waste management. Instead of relying on recycling I will try and avoid garbage more so. Buying local instead of from overseas.

And I will ensure that I am educated and make educated decisions, this will include staying current via reading, conversations, and dialogues, so that continuous learning is not just a word.

Experiences need to be physically or mentally challenging,  create movement, educate, teach, or provide a new perspective. Picking up a book and reading it is a great way to gain a new experience. A walk with a friend instead of just drinking coffee together is a good other way of changing it up. Trying a food you have never tasted or cooking with a new recipe. Challenging yourself for a run. A new hobby. Go back to college. Develop a new habit.

Take risks and challenge yourself. This will be my personal mission.

A plan will follow.

Always keep in mind, you learn more through mistakes than successes.

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