About Me

I really never believed that there is an end to the road.

I also have been convinced early that there are only two directions in this world. The direction where you came from and the other direction is where you will be going. I do not think that life is complex. I believe in yin and yang. Polarization. And for sure I never bought into the fifty shades of gray other people are seeing. There is no antidote for bad decisions.

Have fun with my blog. It is my lessons learned. There are so many things to learn in this world. Most of them can even be found in text books, blogs, or through googling. We are living in a world with ultimate knowledge. Everyone can know everything that has already been decoded. It is just sad that noone knows how to use that knowledge. Essentially, we are living in an information overload. In a near permanent paralysis. Looking at a sand clock. Trying to figure out when the information will be processed.

Guess what. The fun is in asking the right questions. The more the better. Answers just pretend we know more than we actually do.

Here is my attempt at keeping things simple.



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